In early days the site was famous by the name of Vilasa. It is an old place with the relics of many temples and old fort which belong to circa ninth or tenth century when it was a flourishing town. Most of the temples are dedicated to Vishnu. A ruined  Vaishnava temple locally known as Charkhambha has yielded a Vishnu image dated V.S. 1178 (A.D. 1121). Among important Vaishnava sculptures carved out of red sandstone are numerous panels of ten avataras, Krishna with flute, magnificent image of reclining Vishnu, etc. Along with Vaishnavism, Jainism also seems to be popular at Krishnavilas as is evident from the old remains of Jaina temples. The prasasti of the Jinadattacharya written in A.D. 1218 also mentions about the place. The Muslim Governor of Ranthambhor seems to have brought about the destruction of the town.
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Notification No. Act No. LXXI  of 1951 dated 28.11.1951
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Ownership Status Government
Topographical Features Situated on the bank of the river Vilasi, a tributary of the river Parvati.
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Locality Tehsil District State
Krishnavilas (Lat. 25o 02’ N; Long.  76o   44’ E) Sahabad Baran Rajasthan