Bisalpur or Vigrahapura was founded by the Chahamana ruler Vigraharaja IV in the twelfth century A.D. Bisalpur was preceded by a still older city called Vanapura, which seems to have been ruled by the Takshakas (Nagas) of Todarai Singh. The importance of Bisalpur is due to its temple of Gokarnesvara, also known as Bisal Deoji’s temple, constructed by Vigraharaja IV or Visala, who was a devotee of Gokarna. The temple (22.20 m x 15.30 m) has a pancharatha sanctum, antarala, square mandapa and portico with sikhara. The sanctum enshrines a linga. The temple surmounted by a hemispherical dome, is supported on eight tall pillars carved on the lower section with floral festoons, chain-and-bell and circular medallions. There are several short inscriptions which record the visit of pilgrims from time to time. The earliest of these is dated A.D. 1154-65 and the inscription is important for mentioning the Chahamana chief Prithviraja III.
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