Ancient mound of Nagar (Lat. 25˚53’ N; Long. 75˚50’E) is situated in the district Tonk of Rajasthan. It was the capital of Malva republic and the ancient name of this place was Karkota Nagar. The area of ancient mound is nearly 5 sq. km. The site was flourishing during 2nd century BC to 3rd-4th century AD. The site was in existence up to 9th-10th century AD. Earlier it was excavated by Shri Krishna deva in 1942-43 but due to some reason report could not be published.

Excavation at Nagar, District Tonk

  Present excavation work was carried out under the guidance of Shri T.J Alone assisted by Shri Manoj Diwedi, Shri Shiv Kumar Bhagat and Shri Praveen Singh, Shri Satish Gupta, Shi S.K.Aypariya, Shri K.L.Saini, Shri M.S.Khot at three different localities to know the extension and cultural sequence of the site in the year of 2008-09.

The trenches lay in three locations at Nagar.  Location 1 is on the main mound. Location 2 was a rain gully and three trenches have been laid here and step excavation was taken up. This is the only place where we reached natural soil. Location 3 was a small mound predicted as Stupa, where a brick structure came in existence with two projections on south side. This seems to be religious structure of rectangular plan, which need further excavation to confirm. The work is completed for the season 2008-09.