This site was a great commercial and metallurgical centre in the early historical period where, following the accidental discovery of a hoard of three hundred twenty-six silver punch-marked coins, excavation was conducted during 1938-40. The town seems to have been founded in about the third century B.C. and continued to flourish till about the end of second century A.D. Of the three periods identified in the excavation, the lowest had only a few fragmentary jars and potsherds, the middle one a double roomed dwelling and a drain and the uppermost one three small houses, a series of parallel walls and drains. The size of bricks used was 48 x 23 x 8 cm. Of the eighteen ring-wells of the nature of soak-pits, two were filled with layers of inverted lota-shaped jars. The pottery found here is sometimes decorated with chain pattern and taurine. There are a few theriomorphic vessels in the form of monkeys. Stone and clay dabbers and steatite vessels are known besides fragment of a rim of polished Chunar sandstone which may be an import. Different types of mother-goddess figurines and animal toys including horse and elephant riders are common. Iron slags and implements occur in plenty while use of bronze, silver and lead is scarce. Evidence of cloth impression suggests that cotton was grown in the region in early times. Other finds include beads of diverse material, bronze mirror, ivory and bone dice, clay votive tanks and different kinds of ornaments. Punch-marked coins, uninscribed cast, Mitra and Malava coins abound on the surface. One interesting lead-stamp seal with the legend Malava Janapadasa has also been found. 
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Notification No. Act No. LXXI of 1951  dated 28.11.1951
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Ownership Status Government
Topographical Features Situated on the bank of Dhil river, an affluent of the river Banas.
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2 K.N. Puri (ed.), Excavations at Rairh (Jaipur).
Locality Tehsil District State
Rairh Newai Tonk Rajasthan