Nagari (ancient Madhyamika), a fairly large sized township was the capital of the Sibi Janpada as per the find of coins from here having the legend Majhamikaye Sibi Janpadasa. Two Vaishnavite inscriptions of the second century B.C. recording the performance of an asvamedha sacrifice by one Sarvatata and another of vajapeya sacrifice have been found, while a third one refers to the erection of a Vishnu temple in  the first quarter of the fifth century A.D. Out of large number of loose sculptures found by Bhandarkar two are carved pillars of the Gupta period having lion and bull capitals respectively. Others comprise old railings, coping stones and sculptures representing Revanta on horse and Kiratarjuniyam. Moulded bricks showing ripple and date-palm decorations, the lower part of a human figure seated on a chair, lotus, flying birds and human heads formed architectural components of the temple. In the excavation, three periods were distinguished, the first two being anterior to the stone fortification and seemingly without baked-brick structures, though limestone structures were known. They had both red and grey wares; the occurrence of the NBPW  was negligible, though the associated red ware was available. The settlement seems to have originated in circa 400 B.C., but both on the surface and sprodically in the lower levels, fluted cores and flakes were found. Period III was marked by the presence of the Red Polished Ware. Other finds of the site include terracotta human and animal figures in Sunga and Gupta styles, toys and flesh-rubbers, an ivory seal with swastika and taurine symbols and copper antimony rods and rings. The fortification probably originated in the Gupta times.
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Notification No. Act No. 3 of  1954 dated 02.01.1954
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Topographical Features Situated on the right bank of Berach river, a tributary of the Banas.
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Nagari Chittaurgarh Chittaurgarh Rajasthan